BankACT, a nonprofit and nonpartisan advocacy organization, works towards shared 
prosperity for all Americans through public and postal banking.
Our members engage in 
direct action, advocacy, and coordination of initiatives like these:
In support of local and state legislation to create public banks.
Public funds belong to all the people. These funds must be managed in the public interest and not benefit a privileged few.

States, counties and cities ought to establish their own public banks like the successful state-owned Bank of North Dakota, keeping public funds at work in the public interest and not enriching Wall Street banks. 

ACTION is needed to establish statutes that support public banking at the state and local level, so get involved now.

In association with:
In support of national legislation to create a postal bank.
Financially vulnerable people should get a fair break. They need access to resources and mustn't be kicked when they’re down.

The US Postal Service ought to give low-income workers and families an alternative to predatory payday lenders by offering low-cost basic financial services at 30,000 post offices across America.

ACTION is needed to encourage the Postal Service to expand their existing suite of financial services, so get involved now.